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Marketing books
Marketing Your Non-Loan Notary Services -

Effective and practical techniques to get notary work outside the loan industry   

The 6th Edition paperback
book is available at most online booksellers.

This new edition is a greatly expanded 
and fun paperback book.

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Chapter titles

Introduction:  Talking about marketing in an original new way        

Chapter 1:  How long it will take you to make a living        

Chapter 2:  Types of documents that may require notarization and where to find the work

Chapter 3:  You know you are working too hard when... part1

Chapter 4:  Finding local hidden opportunities

Chapter 5:  Promotional materials and advertisements      

Chapter 6:  Low-cost, low-tech internet marketing

Chapter 7:  You know you are working too hard when... part 2

Chapter 8:  Networking organizations

Chapter 9:  Tips on phoning and arriving unannounced

Chapter 10: Medical offices and retirement facilities

Chapter 11: Non-profit organizations       

Chapter 12: You know you are working too hard when... part3

Chapter 13: Protect yourself from lawyers           

Chapter 14: General tips

Chapter 15: Techniques for thinking more creatively

Chapter 16: Tales of a Traveling Notary

Appendix A: Where to find blank legal forms        

Appendix B: How to write a press release

Appendix C:  Sample press release

The book has solid and comprehensive information for freelance notaries public to market their services to people and businesses outside the home loan industry.  This sixth edition includes greatly expanded and updated information on internet marketing.

The advantages of being a mobile notary
providing general services

*You work from home.
*You are paid at the appointment – not by a check in the mail one or two months after the loan closes.
*You have the opportunity to help people who have transportation problems, such as the elderly.  
*You meet a wide variety of people. 
*If you are already a loan Notary Signing Agent, you get general work to supplement your loan work.
*Work is very interesting: you never know what the next phone call will bring.
*You work for the best boss in the world - you!

This text assumes you know your state's notary public regulations thoroughly.
This text is not recommended for notaries in states with very restricted travel fees, including AZ, CT, and MD.  Notaries in those states will not be able to cover their car expenses and other overhead expenses.

Laura Vestanen has been a notary public for over 15 years in two states and has performed 15,000+ notarizations.  Before launching her own full time notary public business, she was the Manager of a successful law firm for ten years.  She worked in various law firms in California for twenty years with specialties in elder law, business law, personal injury law, family law, intellectual property law, criminal law, immigration law, international law, and real estate law.

The most successful notaries do far more than just hand out cards.  They do area research, create a business plan, and mount a strategic marketing campaign.  This booklet gives you more than just a list of ideas for marketing your notary services.  

You will learn:     
*Which marketing materials you need –
  and which you don’t

*How to find the hidden work opportunities in your

*How to interpret the resultant data to recognize  
  potential clients

*Which government agencies offer free professional

*The types of documents needing notarization and
  the people who need them

*How to get referrals
*How to get yourself known in your community
*How to handle specific types of signing situations

Cover photo (above) by Jim Juris. 
Copyright 2012 Jim Juris and Laura Vestanen.
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